Homemade Applesauce

There is no recipe as my Mother says!

We love to use as many varieties of apples as possible.

Wash, Quarter, Seeds Out, Peels On.

Boil your apples in apple juice until soft.

We used a Sauce Master,Food Stainer. It worked pretty slick.

Take about 11 to 12 Quarts to 2 cups of sugar, then our secret recipe is... we add red hot cinnamon candy and cinnamon to taste, "Hense the no recipe it's all in the taste!"

After you have it to your desired taste, pour your yummy mixture into your sterilized empty jars.

*Note- Make sure you have at least one inch head space allowence. Jars should be clean and dry arouund the rim. Place your jars into your water bath, water should be warm to touch. Let your water come to a rolling boil. Once it starts to come to a roiling boil, place your lid on your water bath and start your timer for 30 minutes.